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TR00.016A Small repair service for LGB engines


  • Model: TR00.016A
  • Weight: 0 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Note: $65 Hourly Rate, 1 Hour Min

LGB North American Repair and Installation Center

Small Repair for LGB engines

Excellent repair service. Our qualified technicians and engineers love the hobby as much as we do. They treat every engine as if it would be their own. 

Small repair services typically involve replacing idler gears, motor, or tires on smaller single motor block engines, This excludes a split/clamshell style motor block,   

We thoroughly check the engine, clean the gearbox and lubricate the moving parts whenever needed.

This type of repair normally takes about an hour.

Many happy customers can attest to our high-quality service.


The cost of replacement parts are not included.  

Service: Repair (Small)

Category: G-scale