TRAINLI - The LGB and G-scale Experts - History

TRAINLI was founded by model railroad (G-scale, and some select products for the non-GScale market)) enthusiasts like yourself.  Like you, we started with an LGB starter set. In search for excellence and specialty products, we found the need to import products from around the world.  Many desires have been left unanswered by your traditional resources which we make now available to you.

Among these products are:

  • We are your prime source for LGB Engines, LGB Rolling stock, LGB parts

  • We carry Trainline45, and Pullman

  • The world best rail bender (for LGB G-scale: code 332 & others Code 250 | for O-scale: Codes 83/100/125/148 | for HO-scale: Code 70/83/100),

  • New rolling stock LGB, TRAINLINE GartenBahnen, Kiss, Pullman, and others

  • LGB compatible track in Brass, NpB (the better alternative to Stainless Steel), and Plastic

  • LGB compatible switches (Brass and NpB) (which include also space saving curved switches, allowing you to start you station earlier and have therefore longer passing sides), 

  • many interesting accessories that complement your LGB layout.

  • ZIMO DCC Distributor.  ZIMO is the best source for your sound and DCC needs in all scales (G, O, HO).


If you have any product wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us - we are here to help.

  • Contact TRAINLI under:

Phone: (775) 302-8111


Our address for show room and West Coast Repair Center (see opening hours under Opening Hours) is:
Joane Tillmann

1325 Airmotive Way, Suite 330
Reno, NV 89502