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Prototype: Narrow-gauge steam engine train tender No. 4 of steamtram Mühlenstroth (DKBM). Former built under the serial number 25982 by Henschel & Sohn (Kassel) Army field railway locomotive. This loco from the ownership of Walter Seidensticker, Bielefeld came in 2008 after a Umspurung for the second time to DKBM. There the locomotive is used under the old operating point her sister machine Frank S.

Model: This absolutely prototypically painted and lettered model not only has a digital decoder but also the prototypical steam locomotive sounds, such as coal shovels, squealing brakes and exhaust strokes, bell, whistle, etc. - in short, everything that belongs to the sounds of a steam locomotive. With one powerful Bühler motor in the locomotive and tender, this model is extremely powerful pull. The cab is faithfully copied the cab doors can be opened. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with traction tires, steam generator, multi-purpose sockets and operating mode selector switch. Length over the buffers 52 cm.

Narrow gauge train tender locomotive "Nicki + Frank S" for the army railways in World War II were developed by Jung and Henschel the narrow gauge saturated steam locomotives of type HF 110 C, which are used both to 600 mm as well as 750 mm wide tracks could, as the machines were umspurbar. The simple robust three couplers were equipped with external-frame chassis, cylinder with piston valves and a Heusinger control. They could be operated as a so-called Halbtenderloks or with additional Tender. Without a Tender However, the locomotives had only a small range, because usually all supplies were housed in the tender. During the war and in the postwar period, the Company Henschel, Jung, Krenau and CKD presented over 130 copies of the type HF 110 C on the rails, the existing after the war machines in the ensuing period of peace played a far greater and more important role. Three of these interesting locomotives acquired in the 1970s and 1980s, the Bielefeld shirt manufacturer and steam friend Walter Seidensticker, with today's "Nicki + Frank S" has a very distinguished career: The HF 100 C and the serial number Henschel 25982/1941 turned to 1945 on the training ground track Rehagen Claus village in the vicinity of Berlin their rounds. In early 1945, they camped they of the Austrian Mittersill, where it was after the war, the Zugförderungsstelle cell associated with the lake and stayed parked there until 1948. In September 1948 we were on led her to Bregenzerwaldbahn in Vorarlberg, where their workup was carried out and under the ÖBB number 798 101 was in use from November 1948 to February 1952. Thus, her career was actually finished at the ÖBB again. Although she came in 1955 to Waidhofen / Ybbs, remained switched off and landed 1958, on the narrow gauge Cemetery in Upper Graf village. Officially, it was retired in 1972 and subsequently sold to the Hamburg construction company Spranger & Büll, which wanted to set up the locomotive on a children's playground. These attempts failed, and so acquired Walter Seidensticker 1980, the locomotive and had converted, where they could be admired off until 1983 for steam railway Mühlenstroth in Gütersloh. The main workshop of the Teutoburger Wald-Eisenbahn then took her to 1984 ending work-up. After subsequent baptism in the name of "Nicki S", she moved to the Jagsttal railway until 1986 the steam hauled trains museum. A boiler damage and the closure of the railway Jagsttal end of 1988 delayed its restart until 1990, where she found "old" home on the Bregenzerwaldbahn to 1992, before the museum features a new one. An extensive general inspection in RAW Görlitz with Neubekesselung, welded water tanks and a welded Tender breathed her a new life to 1993 and a new, blue robe. Then they went now as "Nicki + Frank S" at the Orlando Furioso on Rügen special trains. This stint lasted until the end of June 2008. After 25 years and a Umspurung from 750 to 600 mm, the "+ Nicki Frank S" returned to the steam railway Mühlenstroth. Technically adapted and visually overhauled the locomotive showed for the first time on the occasion of the 35-year club anniversary on 17 August 4 as a locomotive under steam again and now attracts there their rounds today

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