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ESU-36054 RhB FD gravel hopper


  • Model: ESU-36054
  • Weight: 6 LBS
  • Availability: In Stock

RhB Fd gravel hopper car

In 1965 the RhB had to expand their rolling stock with gravel freight cars. At the time they relied on the railcar factory Talbot in Aachen (Germany) Talbot delivered 10 cars for which the RhB used the numbering scheme of OS 8656—8665. In December of 1969 as part of the number reorganization of the RhB these cars became Fd 8656-8665. A special edition is the if the Fd 8658 which received on oxidized paint job as compared to the standard beige paint scheme. Since June of 2003

the cars were renumbered again and received the numbers Xc9416—9425. Originally the cars had a beige coloring scheme but the colors faded over ô€†Ÿme and therefore they look a rusted beige. The self-unloading cars have a very low gravity point and can take a load of 9m3.

Identical cars were manufactured under license by the Schindler Wagon Factory for other railroad lines. Those cars run on the Appenzeller Bahn (AB), Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn (MGB ex. FO/BV.

  • Plastic precision model with metal wheels
  • Prototypical representation in true 1:22.5 scale
  • Stainless steel wheels with the typical yellow break markings
  • Authentic reproduction of the leaf spring axle mounts.
  • Highly detailed coloring and lettering depending on the appropriate railroad line
  • Minimum radius 600mm (~2’ radius)
  • TheMGB/FO has the following variances
    • Schindle factory plate instead of Talbot
    • Letterbox in prototypical position
    • Platform with metal crate instead of wooden platform